Purchasing, Procurement, and Installation


Our ultimate goal in the design process is to share our gift of tender care and aesthetic mastery. We want to get everything 100% right 100% of the time. This firstly involves a home visit where we can measure, evaluate, and look for the attributes of the premises. In order to treat every detail with the care we so desire to give, the details must first be considered. Once everything has been properly attended to, the real magic begins. Through the purchasing phase, all of the necessary aspects to accomplish the vision of the designer are listed, to create estimates and quotes that can give one an idea as to what it will take to truly bring the home to life. After this, we collaborate to refine the design and move forward with the project. As every inch is important, we truly do hope that they will add up to build something we can all look at and smile in awe at its beauty.

Where The Magic Happens

We are blessed with a trio of incredible seamstresses, each with over 25 years of experience. They are the backbone of the customization that we offer, as they bring to life the thoughtful designs of Dana and our affiliate design profesionals. From draperies to custom headboards, the vision becomes reality in our work room. Our operations extend to furniture upholstery through our close partner Mary B. Sorrows at Sorrows Upholstery, and because she and everyone in the workroom operate in house, the accuracy and dedicated hand crafstmanship truly sets Simply Charming apart.

Our proccess of acquiring materials is precise, and the procurement of the contents of your choice is taken in a detail oriented search through our partner brands, such as Kravet, Schumacher, or Pierre Frey just to name a few. While the fabric we use to design and mold the image of your home may be found through dedicated research, it becomes a personalized piece of tender love and care through the eyes of the designer and the gentle hand of the crafts people.


Unlike many window treatment and design businesses, Simply Charming handles all labor and installment in house. With our fantastic installer Jose`, a 15 year veteran in the field and resident teddy bear, we do all of our own measuring, fitting, and installation. In a given period, because of the custom nature of our company, finding all of the correct numerical values is neccesary, and not having to go to a third party actually makes this extremely efficient. Coming to your home and taking the time to do these things personalizes, and ultimately ensures a great experience. To install window treatments, all demensions are hand measured and the materials for the treatment are ordered very specifically, from rods, to fabric, for a perfect set up.

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