Furniture Accessory

Let’s face it, furniture has and probably always will be the main attraction that a well designed room will be judged upon. Designing a room that speaks to the hearts of our guest, needs particular attention, to the size, shapes, colors, and aesthetic that the shell of a room, which is the furniture, possess’. Offered here at Simply Charming, with regards to the furniture expose` of a room, are furniture consulting and shopping, measured calculation for spatial purposes, upholstered furniture, and furniture delivery and placement. And to match the energy projected from the furniture setting, whether it be classical, modern, southern, or otherwise regional, are the accessories that compliment the holistic texture of the interior. If we know anything about Dana, she has a masters degree in antique shopping, though the details of a room’s accessories can vary and extend beyond this format. This is where the true heart of this business lies, the emotional chord and genuine expression presented with those little details, some that may only catch  a quick glance of the eye, but tell the internal story of the person that inhabits that space.

Simply Charming Interiors
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